The Vitamin D Deficiency

Who knows how long i have been vitamin d deficient only came to light when they randomly decided to check it, turns out i was extremely deficient and along with that came symptoms which my doctor and myself still have to work out if the vitamin d deficiency was caused by another illness and if my symptoms are because of the vitamin d or another illness. Symptoms of a deficiency are:

  • difficulty thinking clearly.
  • bone pain.
  • frequent bone fractures.
  • muscle weakness.
  • soft bones that may result in deformities.
  • unexplained fatigue.

That is just some of them now i was then put on Fultium D3 3,200IU capsules to help boost my vitamin d levels and that in a few weeks she will see me again to see if i feel any better. Days past, Weeks past and i went back and did not and still do not feel better in the slightest in fact i feel like i am getting worse. I went from having pains and issues once in a blue moon, to it becoming more regular to now its everyday.

MAKES ME WANT TO CRY…. The tiredness is horrible especially when you have children to attend to and just wanting to sleep all the time. Feeling like your having a heart attack but your not or just having severe stop you in your step chest pain. Your fingers being in so much pain you cant move them or bend them. Struggling to breathe when you lie down and feel like a elephant is sat on your chest. I would of went to another doctor not that long ago as i just had been treated for a UTI and symptoms was still there so i sent in a sample and got called back for a appointment, Anyway long story short after reading my notes he just was lost and said the best thing to do is to go see my other doctor who has been dealing with me over the past year. Everyone seems lost and now i am lost. I just want answers and something that can end all this. I do not want to feel weak anymore!

I am strong and i will fight this…..



I am in pain everyday!

Yes the title is right, everyday i am in pain somewhere in my body but can be in multiple places at the same time.

  • Chest pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain – My knees, My wrists, my fingers, my arms
  • Stomach pain
  • Bladder pain
  • headaches
  • reflux
  • Under my ribs
  • In my back lower and top
  • My shoulders

I can not think of one place that does not hurt. and if its not hurting my fingers and toes are numb.  Its taking so long to find out what is actually causing this i have referrals i am waiting on for Cardiology and Gastroenterology and a scan on my kidneys. I am hoping this all comes to end soon, i can not remember the last time i didn’t feel like this. I have been reading into all sorts of home remedies and willing to try anything now.




One of the many issues..


What i failed to mention in my last blog is that i also suffer from anxiety which is a killer in its self, as you are constantly fighting your own mind everyday. You convince yourself of stuff that is not real. You suffer from panic attacks and feel like you cant breathe and someone telling you ‘ your fine’ or ‘ your be ok’ do not help the situation. I was on medication for it but felt i was better of it. So imagine having your mind telling you all the time something is wrong with your health, your have cancer, you are dying. Then find out you actually do have some things wrong with you as much as it is a relief to know its not just in mind, there was something actually wrong. It then makes my anxiety 20 times worse that i have been misdiagnosed or that there is actually more wrong with me, it is a never ending circle which i fight with daily….


My first health issue but was not my first diagnosed health issue, is a uterine prolapse at stage 2. After i had my first child everything was fine though i noticed a few things such as pain during intercourse and it never quite feeling right but i ignored it due to me overthinking things anyway. After my second it became more noticeable and i could feel a bulge coming down and it began to get very uncomfortable and it was a constant dragging or period pain sensation. I went to the doctors and she told me you have a  cystocele which is were the lining between your bladder and vagina is torn allowing your bladder to lean into the vagina. So for months i was aware i had a cystocele but it was getting worse as time was going on and becoming more noticeable. I went back to a new doctor ( who by the way is a god send as because of her i am where i am today) she refereed me to the hospital to the gynaecology. As i entered the room he read me my notes my doctor had sent over and what my previous doctor had said about this supposed cystocele. He explained the examination and what was going to happen. So in i went into the room after being asked to cough, laugh, squat, stand we had finally finished. ( let me not forget to mention i had to have a steroid injection in the piece of skin leading from the vagina to the anus as i have scar tissue which is really painful) so i went back in the room and sat down and the first question he asked me was  Do you want to have more children? He then explained that i had uterine prolapse where my womb was prolapsing and slipping into my birth canal and i also have a prolapsed bladder . He explained it will keep prolapsing and they can fit a pessary ring to help hold it in place if i would like to have more children or if i have finished my family my options was to have my womb removed or corrective surgery which i would be recommended to NOT have another child as it would be dangerous to me and the baby. He also proceeded to say if i choose to keep my womb i would have to be monitored in later pregnancy and possibly put on bed rest all together and proceede with a c section to stop any matters getting worse. There is 4 stages to a prolapse.. Stage I – the uterus is in the upper half of the vagina. Stage II – the uterus has descended nearly to the opening of the vagina. Stage III – the uterus protrudes out of the vagina. Stage IV – the uterus is completely out of the vagina.Once i reach stage 3 corrective surgery or a hysterectomy become the main options. (He also told me with corrective surgery majority of them end up prolapsing again and end up having a hysterectomy)

I am blessed with the children i have now, but having it limited that one day ill have to just give up my womb is depressing. Knowing that one part of me will be gone..

Finally getting to the end or so i hope!

Where i am today.. 

At the moment my known health issues and medication i take are:

  • overactive bladder – I take oxybutynin 5mg twice a day
  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa –  For this i have to take daily antibiotics in monthly intercourse’s during a flare up to put back in remission .
  • Uterine Prolapse stage 2 – Which i am suppose to have a ring fitted but had it taken out due it feeling uncomfortable.
  • Vitamin D deficiency  – 3,200 DU a day
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD) – Omeprazole

That is what is my diagnosed issues are, now i suffer from a lot more which has taken months and plenty of hospital and doctor visits to even get this far.  I have severe stomach pain which can last for up to 9 hours and nothing even Tramadol, codeine etc you name it will not stop the pain. I will feel faint i will also be being sick at the same time as feeling i need a bowel movement and cant go. For this i had a endoscopy which showed up that i had gastrointestinal reflux disease, which has turned out to be wrong. I do in fact have gerd which causes my heartburn but it is not the reason for the stomach cramps, so i have now been put back on tests to find out what is really going on, along with other symptoms i am balancing between two diagnoses which is Lupus or Fibromyalgia.

I would love one day to wake up and not be in pain!!