The Vitamin D Deficiency

Who knows how long i have been vitamin d deficient only came to light when they randomly decided to check it, turns out i was extremely deficient and along with that came symptoms which my doctor and myself still have to work out if the vitamin d deficiency was caused by another illness and if my symptoms are because of the vitamin d or another illness. Symptoms of a deficiency are:

  • difficulty thinking clearly.
  • bone pain.
  • frequent bone fractures.
  • muscle weakness.
  • soft bones that may result in deformities.
  • unexplained fatigue.

That is just some of them now i was then put on Fultium D3 3,200IU capsules to help boost my vitamin d levels and that in a few weeks she will see me again to see if i feel any better. Days past, Weeks past and i went back and did not and still do not feel better in the slightest in fact i feel like i am getting worse. I went from having pains and issues once in a blue moon, to it becoming more regular to now its everyday.

MAKES ME WANT TO CRY…. The tiredness is horrible especially when you have children to attend to and just wanting to sleep all the time. Feeling like your having a heart attack but your not or just having severe stop you in your step chest pain. Your fingers being in so much pain you cant move them or bend them. Struggling to breathe when you lie down and feel like a elephant is sat on your chest. I would of went to another doctor not that long ago as i just had been treated for a UTI and symptoms was still there so i sent in a sample and got called back for a appointment, Anyway long story short after reading my notes he just was lost and said the best thing to do is to go see my other doctor who has been dealing with me over the past year. Everyone seems lost and now i am lost. I just want answers and something that can end all this. I do not want to feel weak anymore!

I am strong and i will fight this…..



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